On Top Of The Food Chain

by Never Prey

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released April 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Never Prey Sofia, Bulgaria

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Track Name: Crossbred
The clock is ticking
But you know time stopped
Your temperature is dropping
And your tongue is tied in a knot

Does it matter if there's no one
To comprehend
You are on the edge of descend

You get up from your bed and look straight ahead
The mirror reflects the source
Of all suffering and death

The mist surrounds you
Like the ever growing uncertainty
It's time to spin the barrel
Aim for the head
Pull the trigger
And hear all the glass break
Track Name: Veils Afire
Darkness fills up the sky
I'm walking on the road to hell
There's nothing to say or deny
Everything will change when they ring the bell

You can't stop this from happening
Ignorance is all you've got
Existence is gone, nothing left for balancing

Blood will be spilled from your throat

Say your pray
We begin the decay
Every night and day
Nothing is in our way
Forcing you to stray
You will obey

Eyes are forced to be shut
Lies are told and illusions are put
In your mind to hide the truth

Unholiness is what drives the world

Obsessed with fucking demons
Who have control over your decisions
Implanting thoughts in your head
In the prison of sous you'll be led

Reality is nothing but a false creation
Track Name: Utter Disgust
Everyday life seems like
Escalating devastation

Trust me on this you have
Zero fucking preparation

Life will hit you hard and hit you fast
Enough lies
You never know when it's your last gasp

Utter disgust
Society drowning in shit
No remorse for you
Even in the slightest bit
What can you expect from a conscience so small
Only interest for man is to conquer them all

Keep living another minion
Face to face with complete oblivion
But wait
This has only just begun
People thinking they have power with the money and the gun

Another mask the face behind is rotten and it's fake
Mind clouded with unknown choices humans make
Acceptance is by far better than rejection
Rejection is the first phase of murderous inception

But who am I? Why am I the person that should judge?
Because I am also being judged by the sludge
An outcast
Eternal redemption in disguise
Know that I am also living here to pay the price
Track Name: Monocrat
Step up to this world violent and ruff
Wicked to the bone every creature is at it alone
Severing the bonds of life if chances cross it

One more death to the count of Baphomet
The sandman is here to help you leave

The sandman is here to help you leave
Put to sleep withering never to awake
His hand colder than the Ripper’s breath
Allah Akbar and Amen to all that

Predisposed to this redemptionless sin
We are done
Hierarchy has failed to reign supreme
Schizophrenic epidemy
Cursed to beg
For all existence to end

One more death to the count of Baphomet
The sandman is here to help you leave
One more death to the count of Baphomet
One more fed to the devil’s little pet

Predisposed to this redemptionless sin
We are done
Hierarchy has failed to reign supreme
Schizophrenic epidemy
Cursed to beg
For all existence to end
Track Name: Annihilating Existence
Enslaved by the questions
You’re not supposed to ask
Always trying to get a hold of
The life we all wish to have

Who the fuck are you
Who the fuck am I
With no sense of purpose
We are all just so worthless

Have you heard about
The domino effect
Your curiosity
Is your defect

Your questions will lead to
More of the same
We are all caught in
This twisted mind game

The stream of information is contaminated

The birth of thoughts – annihilated
Your mind – assimilated
Your understanding of the world
Completely devastated.

Can you hear the echo of these tireless whips
Communication’s blocked like solar eclipse
Track Name: Multi Threat Vendetta
You stupid motherfucker
Did you thought that you'll get away
With the guilt of betray
You’re gonna’ die today
So start to fucking pray

All the shit you've done
Makes me get a fucking gun
Point it to your face
And shoot you with grace

Murder is a sin
So I think I’ll rip your skin
It's time to begin now
And you’re gonna’ see how

People like you
Aren't in my crew
We are few
But at least we're true

You better get the fuck out of here
If you don’t want to disappear
Chopped into pieces
The chance of finding you decreases
Track Name: Sea Of Souls
I exist. I am.

Insignificant small null dull

The Branches got a hold of me
Within seconds
I was sky high so I could see

The consequences of others like me - humanity
We are not one entity and maybe we should be

The thorns leave scratches that turn into scars
My body my vessel will not last

I strife to succeed where others have failed in the past
I want to transcend I want to be whole
I want to merge in the sea of souls

Sea Of Souls
Track Name: Evocation (The Trade I)
Pray to the unholy pray for the disease
Warp into your true form
Your senses will transform

In hell your mind was spawn
You’re about to speak the forbidden tongue

Candles lit the ungodly symbol on the ground
My mind is opened my thoughts are blank

The lack of light and the smell of iron
Send shivers down my spine
Down my spine

I felt his presence
His cold breath on my neck
The blur before me
Stared right back at me

I fell on my knees
With hands above my head
I had to worship and show respect
As the negotiation started
I had one thought – one thought
The trade

Dark entity dark entity
Eat my heart and set me free

Now that I’ve taken part with everything that made me human
Now I’m going to complete the sole purpose of my existence

Sacrifice my life essence and promise to provide
The unworthy
In the name of complete eradication

I will drink from the endless well filled with bittersweet misery
I will erase mankind’s meaningless history
Track Name: Murderborn (The Trade II)
Hello there friend
You seem lost
In the wrong place you are
And I’m your host
On this wonderful event you have stumbled across
Attendance is mandatory on the cross

Oh who am I? Why I am no one in particular
I could be your God of light, your savior and creator
If only you believe in the religion of the Ender
If only you believe in the religion of the Ender

The serpents were my shelter
In heresy I was conceived
Blasphemy is my mother language
The pagan ritual baptizes me in

You’ve reached the point of no return
As sacrificial, your souls shall be received
And while I’m ending you
Let me hear you beg for your death

I’ve cherished the pain
And it granted me new life

You’ve reached the point of no return
This is where you start to beg
But the only exit is
Six feet under

I’ve cherished the pain
And it granted me new life
Track Name: Outbreak Of Deception
Wake up from this eternal slumber
Death hides in the face of murder
Pyramids in pyramids
That's the new world order

See through the obscurity
You've been given a false sense of security
Blurry shadows on top of the world
Feeding from fear ignorance and false hope

Embedded thoughts and subliminal messages
Freedom as real as desert mirages
Shackles remain unseen to the naked eye
Motherfucker you'll never know
What is real and what is fake

You are born from lies
You are the one I despise
I can hear your distant cries
You brought these burning skies