Demo 2013

by Never Prey

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released September 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Never Prey Sofia, Bulgaria

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Track Name: Multi Threat Vendetta
You stupid motherfucker
did you thought that you'll get away
with the guilt of betray
you're gonna' die today
so start to fucking pray

all the shit you've done
makes me get a fucking gun
point it to your face
and shoot you with grace

murder is a sin
so I think I'll rip your skin
It's time to begin now
and you're gonna see how

people like you
aren't in my crew
we are few
but at least we're true

you better get the fuck out of here
if you don't want to disappear
chopped into pieces
the chance of finding you decreases
Track Name: Utter Disgust
Everyday life seems like
escalating devastation
trust me on this you have
zero fucking preparation
life will hit you hard and hit you fast
enough lies, you never know when it's your last gasp

Utter disgust, society drowning in shit
no remorse for you, even in the slightest bit
what can you expect, from a conscience so small
only interest for man is to conquer them all

Keep living, another minion
face to face with complete oblivion
but wait, this has only just begun
people thinking they have power with the money and the gun

Another mask, the face behind is rotten and it's fake
mind clouded with unknown choices humans make
Acceptance, is by far better than rejection
Rejection, is the first phase of murderous inception

But who am I? Why am I the person that should judge?
Because I am also being judged by the sludge
An outcast ,eternal redemption in disguise
Know that I am also living here to pay the price.